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Set Course To
Your New Home.

New high-life living projects located in a unique and privileged coordenate.

Exceptional Design
& Attention To Detail.

We managed to express the integration of high quality functional design, residential atmospheres for a new lifestyle.

The Right Coordenate

Throughout history, the use of longitude and latitude coordinates has enabled mankind to miraculously navigate through the air, land and sea. Now, with the advancement of modern technology, we are not only able to use coordinates to pinpoint a particular area, we are better able to understand our beautiful blue planet and it’s amazing and diverse climates by better understanding these unique coordinates.

About Geographica

The mission of Geographica, with the aid of global positioning, is to identify and select the best climates throughout Mexico and abroad. The development of one-of-a-kind quality luxury residential communities is their vision. Puerto Vallarta’s unique 105 degrees east Prime Meridian with 20 degrees North of the Equator allows for optimum sun twelve months of the year, making it the ideal warm resort destination and home to 105 Sail View our Meridian Global Residences passionate vision.

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Quality, something that we take very seriously.

We create a project of the highest international quality standards, generate strategic alliances with leading brands in each segment.

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